iPod Install

I just installed the FRD04-POD/S in my car tonight.  I bought this interface about 8 months ago but was afraid to install it since it needed 12v consent power and ground wire.  I did a little research yesterday and found out I could tap into the 12v power and ground…continue reading →

Happy Holidays

Well Christmas is over and done, did Santa bring you what you wanted?  Well I got a XM Radio Reciever for the car (installed it today - Thanks Google for helping find the instructions), and my girlfriend and I bought a 32" LCD TV for the house. Now I will try…continue reading →

Google Android

Well this looks very promising, I would be interested to know if they will be putting Exchange Support in - Google Android. I currently have my company email on my phone with the amount of travel I do need Exchange on my phone. Also I have always wanted to get…continue reading →

Moved Again

Well I moved again this weekend, this time into a house. It is a very nice house in Temecula CA, 3 bedrooms 2 bath.  Gives us much more space and we use the 3 bedroom as an office TV room.continue reading →