Leaving Maui Today

We are leaving Maui today, had a good trip. Maui is a very beautiful island. Lots more stuff to do, we will need to spend more than a week & also travel to the other islands.continue reading →

United Sucks!

So I buy a 2 flights to Maui, you would expect to sit with that person, on United no you can't. Not only that I had to pay $15 a bag at check in & we only had 1 bag each under 50lbs. So next time I can't bring my…continue reading →

Mobile Me

I just bought a family version of Mobile Me on eBay. Not sure if I really needed it but I got it for $40 so at least I can try it out. It will work great with my iPhone, but I have been using Google Apps with my own personal…continue reading →

First Interview

Had my first interview today, it is with a Technology Placement Agency. Went well, I will probably get some contract work from them so it will be a start.I have also been looking into purchasing a franchise of a company called, Computer Troubleshooters. Still researching this option.continue reading →

A+ Certification

Well I am signing up to take a class so I can be A+ Certified. While job searching I have noticed a lot of postings that require at least this so I believe it will help open a few more doors.continue reading →

Hawaii Here We Come

I just booked a trip to Hawaii this morning, since I am off work for a while we decided now is the time to go. We are leaving on Oct 26th and returning on Oct 31st. We got a great rate at the Marriott, $84 a night. This will be…continue reading →

At the mall

So I am at the mall right now getting some birthday presents. Right now I am at the Apple Store waiting for Michelle who is at Express. I was able to connect my iPhone to there wi-fi to browse the web & post this with no issues.continue reading →
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