Golf Today

Hitting the links today, not sure how well I will do but it will be fun. I have not played in a month, it is the monthly Moreno Valley Mens Club Tourny.continue reading →

Green Card

I got my new Permenent Resident Card today in the mail (I am from Canada). The new cards are much more Hi Tech looking than my last card that was issued in 1983, nice looking hologram of my picture on the back. They are not really green, I don't think…continue reading →

Home Depot Again

We are heading back to Home Depot again today. I guess when you buy a house you are always at Home Depot or Lowes. This is new to me because I would only need to go to Home Depot once or twice a yr. I have been there 3 times…continue reading →

Google Sync

Google just announced Google Sync. I can now sync my Google Contacts & Calendar OTA (over the air) for free. Say goodbye to Mobile Me, I will not be extending my subscription to Mobile Me.Check it out if you are using Gmail or Google Apps.continue reading →