iPhone App

So I have decided that I am going to try and write an iPhone app.  Not sure if it is a smart move or not but it will be worth a try.  I thought I would make a Metrolink Schedule app.  Seems simple enough as I can use the Google…continue reading →

Sick This Weekend

So I have been sick this weekend, I left early from work yesterday but have been able to hang in there for the entire day today.So Christmas is next Friday...I did not realize how close we were to it. It seems like just yesterday it was Jan 1st 2008. This…continue reading →


So I signed up for an OpenDNS account yesterday and set it up on my Airport Extreme. Why do you ask, I am not sure. I worked at a Tech Firm over the summer and they were using it so I guess that is one reason. Th other reason was…continue reading →