Gizmo5 and Google Voice

I just setup my Gizmo5 account with a Linksys ATA I got off ebay (I am late to the party, did not know I could have had free calls for years).  But I got it for 1 reason only not to use it to call out but to use it…continue reading →

Nexus One

So the Nexus One is officially announced today. While the phone looks cool & I think will do well with a certain crowd. For me I will be sticking with my iPhone. I have not add huge issues with ATT service, yes I would like better coverage in certain areas…continue reading →

Help Desk

Well I love my job it is just crazy how computers make people just plain dumb. Like entering a password for some is just to hard, does not matter how smart they are. When they get in front of a computer their brain just turns off. Why do computers turn…continue reading →