Acrobat Reader and Flash Updates

Today I spent time on learning how to Slipstream Acrobat Reader updates into 1 file for easier installs at work.  Not sure why yet but some people are losing either Acrobat Reader or Adobe Flash when we send updates.  Not sure if it is an Altiris issue or what but…continue reading →

Chrome CR-48 Laptop

So 24hrs of using the CR-48 laptop that was given to me by Google I have to say it is not a bad little computer.  Working in an browser entirely is a little different but easy to get along with.  As far as hardware goes I really like the keyboard…continue reading →

Slow Day Today

Today was super slow at work today and on top of it I am sick and feel like crap. After my day here heading home to work a bit at Certified Hosting. Hope it will be slow there also. Please hope all is going well with the client move this…continue reading →