ChatON released from Samsung for iOS

Samsung released ChatOn for iOS today, they have had it for Android since last Oct. Do we really need another SMS replacement app? This area of the market seems to be really crowded now, it is turning in the IM world back in the late 90's when you had friends…continue reading →

Wireless Access Point

Finally I was able to connect my Blu-Ray DVD player to the internet. I have a Vizio Internet Enabled DVD player and it is only wired not wireless. So last week I bought an Asus Wireless Adapter. So tonight I have started getting back in the TV show Lost on…continue reading →

New Years Resolution

While I don't normally do a News Years Resoution but I think this year I am going to try and play more golf. Even if that is just hitting balls at the Driving Range, I live across the street from a golf course so it really should not be that…continue reading →