2 Weeks with Android

So I have had my Evo for about 2 weeks now.  For those not following me, I came from an iPhone.  If it was not for ATT I would have stayed with the iPhone but I wanted to get a "smartphone" for Michelle and on ATT it would have cost…continue reading →

FM Radio with Evo

Today was the first time I used the FM radio on my EVO since it has be be plugged into a headset and I use a stereo Bluetooth headset most of the time to listen to music. But since I am super bored today at work I thought I would…continue reading →

Android Apps

I have started the process of learning to create Android Apps, problem I have is I don't have an Android phone or the money to get one so I am reaching out to the web to ask (very nicely) to help donate to my fund so I can get a…continue reading →

Nexus One

So the Nexus One is officially announced today. While the phone looks cool & I think will do well with a certain crowd. For me I will be sticking with my iPhone. I have not add huge issues with ATT service, yes I would like better coverage in certain areas…continue reading →