It’s Been A While

Well it has been a while since I posted up here. Been busy with school, work, and moving. Yes I have moved from Fullerton to La Habra, it is about 6 miles from my old house. It is a very nice neighborhood and provides a backyard for Sophie, she has…continue reading →

Gizmo5 and Google Voice

I just setup my Gizmo5 account with a Linksys ATA I got off ebay (I am late to the party, did not know I could have had free calls for years).  But I got it for 1 reason only not to use it to call out but to use it…continue reading →

House Is Coming Along

The house is starting to look good. We put up the mirror is the downstairs bathroom so it is finished. I will be taking a few pics today & posting later today. Get together will be soon.continue reading →

Wine Cooler Dented

I am slowly moving into my new house & my parents bought us a wine cooler a month ago. Well I finally brought it into the house & opened the box & it is dented on the left side so it does not sit flat. Damn now I have to…continue reading →

Home Depot Again

We are heading back to Home Depot again today. I guess when you buy a house you are always at Home Depot or Lowes. This is new to me because I would only need to go to Home Depot once or twice a yr. I have been there 3 times…continue reading →

House Shopping

Well due to the lower (I mean this with a big grin, I live in So Cal) prices of houses I have started to look for one. ¬†Well in the last 3 weeks I have put offers on 2 houses and both have decided to not take me on my…continue reading →
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