It’s Been A While

So I can't seem to post regularly to my blog as I used to. Going forward I have decided I need to put down one post a week.  Today is Daylight Saving time and lost an hour so I ended up waking up at 10am this morning after going to…continue reading →

Peeling Garlic

While I was reading my normal web news I stopped by Shawn Blanc's site which I do once in a while. I noticed a "Live Changing" (his words but true) way to peel garlic. And yes it is life changing. reading →

Dorco/Pace Razors Week 2

So I signed up for Dollar Shave Club over 3 months ago, after not getting any razors or info on it I decided to cancel and look at other options. I found Dorco Razors I mentioned in an earlier post. Well I have been using the Dorco Razors for 2…continue reading →

New Years Resolution

While I don't normally do a News Years Resoution but I think this year I am going to try and play more golf. Even if that is just hitting balls at the Driving Range, I live across the street from a golf course so it really should not be that…continue reading →

Carrier IQ Crazyness

Not sure if any have been following the issues brought up a few weeks ago about a little program that runs on your Smartphone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc) called Carrier IQ.  But is seems to be tracking the user of the Smartphone without their knowledge, the carriers are saying they…continue reading →