Golf Today

Hitting the links today, not sure how well I will do but it will be fun. I have not played in a month, it is the monthly Moreno Valley Mens Club Tourny.continue reading →


Started back up at the gym, it has been a month since I have been there. It was pretty busy this morning & then 10 mins later it was dead. I will have to at least go 3 days this week.continue reading →

Golf on Sat

I played golf on Sat, it was a Match Play Tournament.  I ended up losing the match but it came down to the last hole.  Going into the last hole I was 1 hole down, I had a 12ft putt to tie and I missed the putt.  It was hot…continue reading →

GPS Golf Range Finder

I was looking for a good GPS Golf Range Finder for my Sprint Mogul and I found one that looked promising and looks like it is used by a ton of people, IntelliGolf - I used it once and it worked okay, the only thing was the course I…continue reading →

3 Wood

I just purchased my Nike Sasquatch 3 Wood, I own a Nike Sasquatch Driver and liked it alot and I have tried my Dad's 3 Wood and it feels nice so I went out and got my own. I did buy it on eBay used to save some cash. Can't…continue reading →
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