Hanging out in Lake Arrowhead

Well we have been in Lake Arrowhead this weekend. Last night we had a great dinner at The Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen. They are primarily bar foods, burgers & brauts. I had their Barbque Bacon Burger. I have to say it was great. The view was also very god from our table. Can’t go wrong with that sunset. 

View from The Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen

We also hit up Loueddie’s Pizza the day before for lunch. Couple of beers and a great Maui Waui pizza. If you are in the Lake Arrowhead area both places are a must. 

RetroPie Arcade Update

It has been a while and this weekend along with last weekend I have been working on my 2 player Bartop Arcade System. I am hoping to have it fully up and running by next weekend. The past few weekend I have been cutting the wood along with setting up the controls. Sorry I have not been taking photos along the way which I should have. Once complete I will update you with the final shots.

Arcade Cabinet Update

So the joystick and buttons arrived this week and we started out by doing a test run. 

I was able to get the 1 player working but it was not seeing the 2nd player. Ran into issues after an hour or so, back to the internet tonight for more troubleshooting. 

2 Player Bartop Arcade Cabinet

So today I started the planning of my 2-player bartop arcade cabinet. It will be based off RetroPie and run of a RaspberryPi 3. I am not the best when it comes to wood working but I thought it would be more fun to cut and build my own vs buying a pre-made cabinet kit. I will be posting updates as them come, currently I have the Pi and will be playing with that and setting up RetroPie in the next few days. Then off to the internet to get the buttons and joysticks.