New Car

I got a new car today…not really I am driving my friends car this weekend since he is out of town and he has a cool car, Acura TL.



Running on a treadmill and running outside is much different.  I started my first run this week with my new Nike+ and I could not run as far as I could on a treadmill.  Also I am out of shape so I am sure that does not help.


I just purchased the Nike+ for my iPod Nano, so I will be starting my first run tomorrow morning before work. As some of you know I have been on a up and down diet to lose weight and I have hit my lowest point but have not been able to get below 200lbs.

I am currently 204lbs, and thought if I was able to track my runs online it would drive and help give me that will power. I will be posting over the next week on how it goes.