3 Wood

I just purchased my Nike Sasquatch 3 Wood, I own a Nike Sasquatch Driver and liked it alot and I have tried my Dad’s 3 Wood and it feels nice so I went out and got my own. I did buy it on eBay used to save some cash. Can’t wait until it arrives so I can take it out for a test run.

Golf Again

I played golf on Sat at Mountain Meadows in Pomona, I scored a 111. I have not been able to break that 100 mark yet, I guess it is not to bad for someone that has only played about 8 rounds in the last 6 months. Before that I played over three years ago. I used to play when I was 16, I wish I had play since then I might be good now.

After golf I will be heading to go see the movie Knocked Up today. I hear this is a very funny movie. I thought 40 Year Old Virgin was good and since this is the same director and writer I think it will be a blast.