Windows Vista Loaded

I installed Windows Vista today on my home PC, we will see how it goes.  So I have Windows Vista on my desktop and Mac OS X on my laptop.  I guess the best of both worlds.

Possum In The Pool

I came home last night and I noticed something in the pool from a distance. I get outside to see it was a possum, and it looked like a baby possum. We have a palm tree in the backyard and I always here things up there and now I know we have a family of possums living in there.

GPS Golf Range Finder

I was looking for a good GPS Golf Range Finder for my Sprint Mogul and I found one that looked promising and looks like it is used by a ton of people, IntelliGolf – I used it once and it worked okay, the only thing was the course I played did not have GPS info so that part was no help. Also there is a $50 price tag on this software, which I really did not want to pay.

Now I found a free one that looks very good, it does not have all the features of IntelliGolf but I really am only looking for it to tell me my distance to the hole. I don’t need it to keep score, that would be an extra perk if it had it. The best feature on this is it is FREE!! FreeCaddie – I have not used this yet, but I will later this month and report back to you.