iPhone 3G

Now I am a Mac person, I have owned a Mac for a long time and I love OS X.  But I can’t really go out and pay for a new iPhone.  I think the phone is great but ATT charges $20 more for a iPhone 3G plan than a iPhone 2G Plan.  Why!  If I had another 3G ATT phone they would not charge me more.   We will have to see how many will sell over the weekend when it comes out tomorrow morning.

VMware Fusion

So I have been running VMware Fusion on my Mac for the last 30 days so I could run a few Windows programs I have that don’t work on a Mac.  Very impressed and decided to get the program.  Works well and I don’t have to restart to load into Windows and I can copy and paste between Mac and Windows very easy.


Cheapest is via Amazon – Click Here