Day 2

Today is day 2 without a job…all is still good. I applied for a job at the County of Los Angeles, we will see how that one goes.


I just bought an iPhone, using it for the last 5 hrs…LOVE IT!! Getting laid off at least has one perk.

New iPods Released

So they officially announced the new iPods but we all new what was going to happen.  New iPod Nanos, they look cool.  New iPod Classic, larger HD.  New iPod Touch, new design and larger sizes.

House Shopping

Well due to the lower (I mean this with a big grin, I live in So Cal) prices of houses I have started to look for one.  Well in the last 3 weeks I have put offers on 2 houses and both have decided to not take me on my offer and at the same time take their house off the market because they thought they would get better offers than they are getting.  Well today I put another offer on a house, hopefully third time is the charm.

My Playlist

I can’t seem to stop listening to 2 albums while at the house, at the gym, or in the Car.

Apples in stereo – New Magnetic Wonder
The Cars – Greatest Hits