Sherman Oaks Today

Well we are out in Sherman Oaks today. Long day today and did not stop for lunch so I am hungry. Setting up computers takes longer than you think. Traffic looking back south looks bad.

Christmas Lights

So we are heading to the Eagle Hills part of Brea to see the Christmas Lights. This neighborhood is supposed to have a ton of lights on the houses.

I got a job!

I got a job today, I start tomorrow at a small Technology firm at 8:30am.  The company supports law firms with setting up new servers, workstations, networking, software and etc.  I will primarily be handling new user setup with Exchange and Amicus support.

Good times all around the Davidson household.

It’s Tough Out There

I am still looking for a job, looks like there will be more joining me. Yahoo! & Sprint will be laying people off.

Unemployment rates are highest they have been in longtime.

Music Lately

I have been listening to a lot of Beatles and Beach Boys in the past few weeks. One album I have been really into again is SMiLE by Brian Wilson, I can’t get enough of that album.

Also there is a Fan Created version of the album from the 1966 recordings that is very good, search the internet for The Beach Boys Smile Purple Chick.