Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • Was passing by Stuft Pizza in Whittier & thought hey that would be good for dinner. Just waiting for the order now. #
  • Not sure what is on fire here but does not look good. #
  • Here is a pic 4 those that are visual #
  • Eating lunch steak bowl @ Chipotle Beverly Center. #
  • Got fingerprinted today…no I was no arrested. #
  • Dear Apple Corps & EMI

    Release The Beatles albums in iTunes. Stop being greedy, you will still make TONS of money. The band & Yoko want to. #

  • There is a guy riding a bicycle on the 10 fwy…and he is going faster than I am. #
  • How do places like the Comerce Casino get around the gambling laws? I drive past it every day & just wonder. #
  • Enjoying my first day off in 3 weeks, it is so nice outside now. #

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