Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • Our dog sometimes pees when she gets excited. Any dog trainer types out there there have advice on how to help her stop. #
  • I hate Entourage more each time I use it. Why can't it be like Outlook. #
  • Dear Best Buy

    Tell your Customer Service Rep to help me. I am the very nice gentleman waiting patiently to pick up his online order. #

  • Got a bad one today…user is infected with rootkit.tdss. This one a a tough bugger to remove. Anyone know were this one comes from? #
  • Just pee'd in a cup. Always fun when you pee in a cup. #
  • Waiting in Doctors Office for my physical. Fun times!! #
  • Only in LA #
  • It seems like the Rogue Anti Virus software trend is growing. Lots of removal PersonalAV & AntiVirus 360. 2 already today & it is only 9:30 #
  • We bought new windows for the house today. Now need to get approval from HOA before we can install them. Damn HOAs. #

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