Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • Here is our room @ Solvang Gardens. #
  • On my way to Solvang, wine tasting & hanging out. #
  • Dude let us out of train before you start to load your 20 kids. #
  • Just got my flu shot, got thing my mom's clinic is open late. Thanks mom 🙂 #
  • Oh Beck I love your crazy beats, you can write a really fun song. Your music makes me happy on a crappy day. #
  • I think I have deformed ears, these damn iPhone ear buds never stay put. #
  • Police are out ticketing people that cross the street late on the corner of Wilshire & Vermont. Just got some right now. #
  • I know you are on the edge of your seats wondering if I fixed my phone. To answer yes! Welcome Twitter & Facebook back to my iPhone. #
  • 2 days in a row that the Metrolink out to OC is late. No Twitter update from Metrolink again #
  • No Twitter or Facebook on my phone today, Jailbroke my iPhone last night and I forgot to back up my apps. Need to fix it later tonight. #
  • Where is the train? It is normally here @ this time. And Twitter update from Metrolink. I guess I am getting home late tonight. #
  • I can't enough of the self titled Wilco album. #
  • Busy day @ Union Station Red Line. #
  • Dear Social Security…3's a crowd time to open a new window. 1 window is not enough. #
  • Waiting @ Gov't offices in LA is a bad idea. There are a million people here. Does anyone in LA have a job, what the h$@l. #
  • I finally made it… #
  • On my way to Social Security Office & what do you know. I took the wrong train, need to turn around & start over. #
  • I thought there is an unwritten rule that everyone must follow on esclators. "always stay to the right when not walking on it" Get with LA. #
  • Everyday the same older retired guys are sitting @ the Cafe @ Fullerton Train Station. This must be their daily hanging out with the gang. #
  • Leaving the wonderful city of Moreno Valley CA. Damn it seems further & further each time I drive out here. #

iPhone Jailbreak & Windows 7

Well I jailbroke my iPhone on Wed night. So far everything is working well. The last time I did this was at the beginning if the year & the phone seemed sluggish but not this time. I loaded qik so I might post videos of my days. Wish I would have done this last weekend because I could have posted some videos at my friends birthday get together. We we out at Strike in Tustin, some fun times.

Also Windows 7 is out today, go buy your copy if you run Windows. It is much better than Vista & I recommend it for all Windows users. If you need a new computer there are some great deals with machines preloaded with 7 on them.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • We are getting new windows today, the installers are @ the house now. When I get home I can open & close them for hours. #
  • LA people are strange. There is a guy waiting for a bus wearing pantyhose, T-Shirt. And nothing else. I would take a pic but I was scared. #
  • @tonyhawk Its all good, keep it going love to see Twitter being used for good. Great way to reach out to your fans. Thanks. in reply to tonyhawk #
  • Phones have been down all morning, not good for helpdesk. I have been reading my Mac Cert book this morning. #
  • Just set up Synergy on my work computers. Pretty cool 1 mouse & keyboard for two different computers. Works through the network. #
  • They have drug/bomb sniffing dogs on the train. #
  • They checked for tickets on Metrolink today, of course some tries to ride without a ticket. I wonder what the fee is for that. #
  • I am soaked & the train is late. #
  • Hey creepy looking dude on the subway stop staring at me. #
  • One thing upsets me. On public trans, don't sit on the aisle seat & leave the window seat open. All you are doing is slowing the rest of us. #
  • Also I need a new TV for my office. #
  • This what I spend my day off doing, building cabinets in my office. #
  • Benefit #1 working for the County, more days off. Nice to have Columbus Day off and celebrate Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • What the odds there is a dude wearing the same shirt as me @ the subway station. Note to self, stop buying shirts @ Target. #
  • I don't think asking HS kids if they are registered to vote is a smart idea. You are at a train station ask the adults standing around. #
  • @lapearce I think Dennis is still the Manager there. Ask for him let him know I gave you his info and he should take care of you next time. in reply to lapearce #
  • RT @DrewFromTV Morning! Make it a Million! $1Million to @livestrong if I get 1Million followers by end of '09.

    Everyone follow DC #

  • There are a lot of iPhones on the train & 3 Unibody Macbooks in the section I am sitting. #
  • To the guy that was sitting next to me on the subway. They sell soap @ every store in LA. Next time I see you please smell better. #
  • Missed my Metrolink train but jumped on an Amtrack train instead. #
  • Do people still smoke in 2009? I am sitting outside Coffee Bean in LA drinking coffee & a lady 1 table over is smoking. I guess, her right. #
  • First day taking the train to work, there was a bag search here today by the OC Sheriff. Wonder if that is all the time. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • I have to say I am very happy with Windows 7…that said I am still a Mac user for my primary workstation. #
  • @lapearce which Kinko's did you go to? I worked at FedEx 8 yrs as a mgr, most of the people there don't know how to do those things. in reply to lapearce #
  • Traffic was lighter than normal today, good times. Gives me time to read my book. #
  • There is a girl driving next to me & she is squirting ketchup in her month then taking a bite if an egg mcmuffin. Good times. So sexy. #
  • East LA, essay. #
  • Watching "Irate Caller 2.0 – how to handle irate, angry, rude, and sometimes abrasive caller" #
  • Sitting a room on the 10th floor filling out some new hire paperwork. #