Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • I have to say I am very happy with Windows 7…that said I am still a Mac user for my primary workstation. #
  • @lapearce which Kinko's did you go to? I worked at FedEx 8 yrs as a mgr, most of the people there don't know how to do those things. in reply to lapearce #
  • Traffic was lighter than normal today, good times. Gives me time to read my book. #
  • There is a girl driving next to me & she is squirting ketchup in her month then taking a bite if an egg mcmuffin. Good times. So sexy. #
  • East LA, essay. #
  • Watching "Irate Caller 2.0 – how to handle irate, angry, rude, and sometimes abrasive caller" #
  • Sitting a room on the 10th floor filling out some new hire paperwork. #

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