Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • What the odds there is a dude wearing the same shirt as me @ the subway station. Note to self, stop buying shirts @ Target. #
  • I don't think asking HS kids if they are registered to vote is a smart idea. You are at a train station ask the adults standing around. #
  • @lapearce I think Dennis is still the Manager there. Ask for him let him know I gave you his info and he should take care of you next time. in reply to lapearce #
  • RT @DrewFromTV Morning! Make it a Million! $1Million to @livestrong if I get 1Million followers by end of '09.

    Everyone follow DC #

  • There are a lot of iPhones on the train & 3 Unibody Macbooks in the section I am sitting. #
  • To the guy that was sitting next to me on the subway. They sell soap @ every store in LA. Next time I see you please smell better. #
  • Missed my Metrolink train but jumped on an Amtrack train instead. #
  • Do people still smoke in 2009? I am sitting outside Coffee Bean in LA drinking coffee & a lady 1 table over is smoking. I guess, her right. #
  • First day taking the train to work, there was a bag search here today by the OC Sheriff. Wonder if that is all the time. #

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