Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • We are getting new windows today, the installers are @ the house now. When I get home I can open & close them for hours. #
  • LA people are strange. There is a guy waiting for a bus wearing pantyhose, T-Shirt. And nothing else. I would take a pic but I was scared. #
  • @tonyhawk Its all good, keep it going love to see Twitter being used for good. Great way to reach out to your fans. Thanks. in reply to tonyhawk #
  • Phones have been down all morning, not good for helpdesk. I have been reading my Mac Cert book this morning. #
  • Just set up Synergy on my work computers. Pretty cool 1 mouse & keyboard for two different computers. Works through the network. #
  • They have drug/bomb sniffing dogs on the train. #
  • They checked for tickets on Metrolink today, of course some tries to ride without a ticket. I wonder what the fee is for that. #
  • I am soaked & the train is late. #
  • Hey creepy looking dude on the subway stop staring at me. #
  • One thing upsets me. On public trans, don't sit on the aisle seat & leave the window seat open. All you are doing is slowing the rest of us. #
  • Also I need a new TV for my office. #
  • This what I spend my day off doing, building cabinets in my office. #
  • Benefit #1 working for the County, more days off. Nice to have Columbus Day off and celebrate Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas. #

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