Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-02

  • So Farve gets boo'd coming on the field. #
  • Taking Sophie to to the park. #
  • I think I will play some Tiger Woods 09 #
  • What up with smelly people on public trans. This dude smelled so bad it still reeked after he left the train. Do they not smell themselves. #
  • Sorry had to vent #
  • How many times have I said this, "STAY TO THE RIGHT ON AN ESCLATOR, IF YOU ARE NOT WALKING UP." #
  • Another dude taking the Metrolink without a ticket. Now he is getting a ticket from OC Sheriff #
  • Metrolink is busy tonight, what the hell is going on? #
  • There is a guy on the corner of Wilshire & Vermont preaching the bible. I love LA. #
  • So who watched "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" tonight. #
  • I have a HUGE headache. #
  • Next stop Fullerton, CA #
  • Eating lunch @ the Boathouse Hendry's Beach. #
  • This is where we are staying in Solvang. Very nice place, the have huge gadren outside my room. #

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