Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-09

  • Taking Sophie to the dog park. #
  • How does she know we aren't followers. It's not like we are walking around with buttons or name stating our religion beliefs. #
  • Today on Public Trans: We had an older lady come on the train telling us all we are going to die because we aren't followers of god. #
  • I can't stand these F'ing ear buds, can some recommend a good solution for me. #
  • This is way the trains are on a weird schedule. RT @Metrolink OC Line train 603 struck vehicle at Rosecrans Blvd @ 6:47 am No injuries reptd #
  • Is it Nov or June? It is warm out here today. #
  • Why are dress shoe laces made of fishing wire? #
  • Have to take an earlier train & picked a bad seat location. Good thing it is not that far to DT LA. #
  • In a New Hire Training, 8am to 5pm. I forgot so I got here at 9am. #

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