So I was able to upgrade my iPhone this month so I thought this would be a great time to get the iPhone 3GS. So I unlocked my old iPhone with Blackra1n & Blacksn0w then sold it on eBay for more than enough to get a new iPhone. I decided to get a refurb iPhone 3GS for $149 (saved $50). The phone came last night & I spend 2.5 hrs erasing my old phone & getting it ready to ship along with setting up the new phone. The iPhone was setup & activated in 2 mins, then I ran into trouble. The phone came with 3.1 so iTunes told me there was an upgrade available, so I downloaded the firmware, it tried to upgrade buy I keep getting an error. After 4 tries I gave up & upgraded it on my other computer, this one went through the first try. Not sure what happened on the other computer but no worries, my new iPhone is up & running.

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