I have finally spent time on setting up my dsl properly here at the house. I have a Netopia 3347 (that I got for free at my old work place) and an Apple Airport Extreme for my DSL setup. When I first setup the DSL I had the Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode and all the NAT and IPs were coming from the Netopia 3347. That is not my ideal setup as I have the Airport Extreme that has a Guest Wireless access and in Bridge Mode you don’t have that option. So this morning I went online and found out how to put the Netopia in Bridge Mode so I could have the NAT and IPs coming from the Airport Extreme and I could turn on Guest Wireless Access. Thanks to the following link I was able to get it setup and working the way I have wanted to – http://www.netopia.com/support/technotes/hardware/CQG_020.html

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