So it was time to cleanup my Macbook from all the crap I have loaded on there over the last year. So with my documents all backed up I decided to reload the OS. I believe I took the long run because I loaded Leopard 10.5 first the load Snow Leopard 10.6. I wanted to erase & install & I was not sure I could do that just loading SL. After finishing off my Mac installs I then needed to install Windows (for work). I had a license for Windows 7 64bit & since I have a 64bit Macbook I said why not. After Windows 7 was loaded I needed to add the drivers for the Macbook, so I insert the SL disc & run the setup tool…I got an error that stated 64bit was not supported & it would not run. Well off to Google because I know that 64bit worked fine on my Mac. After about 10 mins searching & downloading some bootcamp patch the Macbook drivers were loaded & working fine.

Total time working on this yesterday was 4 hrs to load & configure 3 operating systems. Glad it is done & out of the way.

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