Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-30

  • Listening to Romanian Names by John Vanderslice. You need a great chill record, this is one for you. #
  • He is trying to get Robbie to sit like a human. #
  • Chase had fun with Robbie last night at my parents house. #
  • Here is what they look like on. #
  • Christmas lights are up on the house. #
  • Played a little Wii tonight @ mom & dads house. #
  • Getting ready to mash up some red potatoes, mix in some roasted garlic & toss in some cheddar chesse. Recipe converted from Jess Paulson 🙂 #
  • Trying to setup my Netopia 3347 router in bridge mode. Now I broke my Internet connection & don't have time to fix it. Out for Turkey Day. #
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone. #
  • Puppy in a backpack. #
  • Did not really need it but we had an extra one laying around. #
  • Just got my H1N1 shot. #
  • Damn traffic…This why I take the train to work. #
  • Heading to mom & dads house. #
  • What part of "8 characters, numbers & letters, at least 1 special character, & 1capital letter" do you not understand. #
  • How hard is it to make a f'ing password. #

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