Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • Got haircut, check. Go to Home Depot, check. Go to Dog Park, check. Watching football, check. Time for work! #
  • Happy Holidays! #
  • I am the only one left in the building…is anyone out there. All of CIOB at LA County is gone but me. Sucks to be the new guy. #
  • Another reason not to use Altris…it modified the MBR so I could not image the machine with an old ghost created image. #
  • The train is empty today…I guess I am the only one working today…except for the dude driving the train. #
  • It is cold out here waiting for the train which is also late. Still not 100% yet from being sick so it is even colder. #
  • Sick again today been in bed all day #
  • Looking for someone that might have an advance of the new Spoon record. The new single is good. Want to hear more. #
  • I feel like crap today, trying hang in until the end of the day. #
  • The guy that sits in front of my cube burps load every hour. I don't understand why someone thinks this is correct work behavior. #

iPhone App

So I have decided that I am going to try and write an iPhone app.  Not sure if it is a smart move or not but it will be worth a try.  I thought I would make a Metrolink Schedule app.  Seems simple enough as I can use the Google Transit Feed that Metrolink submits.  We shall see, I have only programed HTML and never programmed in Objective-C.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-21

  • RT need help with short turnaround project, who's really good at wordpress templates? paid project..hit me bg boygeniusreport com @boygenius #
  • I have the biggest headache & no drugs to help. Need to wait until I get to work for some. Need to start carrying them in my backpack. #
  • At the Mexican Village for lunch…good stuff…highly recommend. #
  • The guy walking in front of me on Vermont is smoking I believe is not legal in LA or the US. #
  • This is a very scary photo. Run for your lives. #
  • Why do your co workers or supervisers always try & take credit for ideas you have come up with. #
  • Fire drill…move…single file line…stay on the right side. #
  • I just can't stop watching Jersey Shore. It is the best train wreck on TV. People really believe this crap they are saying on this show. #
  • Final done. #
  • Taking my final in 1 hour… #
  • Just switched iPhone Twitter app to Tweetie. Seems good so far but liked the custom image hosting option. All photos are now on my WordPress #
  • Funny Stuff RT [fake] Steve Jobs is my new hero. /via @tonyhawk #
  • Don't you think having to change your network password every 30 days is overkill. #
  • Why am I so tired? #

Sick This Weekend

So I have been sick this weekend, I left early from work yesterday but have been able to hang in there for the entire day today.

So Christmas is next Friday…I did not realize how close we were to it. It seems like just yesterday it was Jan 1st 2008. This year has gone by quick.

I also signed up for class for the spring session @Fullerton College.  Was trying to take my Math classes but I need to take a placement test and did not take it in time.  So I will have to take the test this session and then I can take Math next fall.  Well I have to get back to work, talk to you all later.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-14

Boot Camp 3.0 and Windows 7 64bit

So I have installed Windows 7 64bit a week or so ago. I was having a heck of a time installing the proper drivers for my Macbook. I found a site that allowed a hack for Bootcamp 2.1 and got it working. The only problem I had with that was I have Snow Leopard and that came with Boot Camp 3 and supported read only for the Mac Drive (HFS+) and it does not work with Boot 2. Looking on the web again I found that someone used the Boot Camp 3 files but installing it via compatibility mode. So I have finally got Boot Camp 3 running properly on my Macbook with Windows 7 64bit.


So I signed up for an OpenDNS account yesterday and set it up on my Airport Extreme. Why do you ask, I am not sure. I worked at a Tech Firm over the summer and they were using it so I guess that is one reason. Th other reason was recently Goodgle created their version of Public DNS, I started using theirs but I liked the fact that OpenDNS allowed me to put in shortcuts and see stats. I will test it out and see how it goes.

Use OpenDNS