Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-21

  • RT need help with short turnaround project, who's really good at wordpress templates? paid project..hit me bg boygeniusreport com @boygenius #
  • I have the biggest headache & no drugs to help. Need to wait until I get to work for some. Need to start carrying them in my backpack. #
  • At the Mexican Village for lunch…good stuff…highly recommend. #
  • The guy walking in front of me on Vermont is smoking I believe is not legal in LA or the US. #
  • This is a very scary photo. Run for your lives. #
  • Why do your co workers or supervisers always try & take credit for ideas you have come up with. #
  • Fire drill…move…single file line…stay on the right side. #
  • I just can't stop watching Jersey Shore. It is the best train wreck on TV. People really believe this crap they are saying on this show. #
  • Final done. #
  • Taking my final in 1 hour… #
  • Just switched iPhone Twitter app to Tweetie. Seems good so far but liked the custom image hosting option. All photos are now on my WordPress #
  • Funny Stuff RT [fake] Steve Jobs is my new hero. /via @tonyhawk #
  • Don't you think having to change your network password every 30 days is overkill. #
  • Why am I so tired? #

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