Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • Got haircut, check. Go to Home Depot, check. Go to Dog Park, check. Watching football, check. Time for work! #
  • Happy Holidays! #
  • I am the only one left in the building…is anyone out there. All of CIOB at LA County is gone but me. Sucks to be the new guy. #
  • Another reason not to use Altris…it modified the MBR so I could not image the machine with an old ghost created image. #
  • The train is empty today…I guess I am the only one working today…except for the dude driving the train. #
  • It is cold out here waiting for the train which is also late. Still not 100% yet from being sick so it is even colder. #
  • Sick again today been in bed all day #
  • Looking for someone that might have an advance of the new Spoon record. The new single is good. Want to hear more. #
  • I feel like crap today, trying hang in until the end of the day. #
  • The guy that sits in front of my cube burps load every hour. I don't understand why someone thinks this is correct work behavior. #

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