Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Started back up @ the gym. Day 1 #
  • Wonder how well the iPad will handle Voip calls with my WiFi. @dreamhost #
  • After a few hrs of work I got my Macbook drove upgraded with my cloned mac @ bootcamp drives. #
  • Just finishing cloning my Mac drive & bootcamp drive now after booting into Windows 7 it is running a chkdsk, this is going to take a while. #
  • Don't think I would have called it iPad I would have liked iSlate. #
  • I am not a fashion forward kind of guy, so is it okay to wear a black suit with brown shoes? #
  • For MacBook not Desktop PC #
  • Got a new 250gb hard drive @ Frys. Would get a larger one but want to spend $50 or less. #
  • Yay! New Apples in stereo on April 20th. Can not wait. #
  • Look what Michelle got me for my birthday. #
  • Had a great dinner at Outback, 9oz special…. #

Chrome Browser

I just switched from Firefox to Chrome on my Windows machine.  I will have to see how well it goes, it does seem like it is faster than Firefox.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • Power back…game on. #
  • I just get home, turn on the Xbox 360 to play video games & what do you know…what for it…the power goes out. Crap!! #
  • We you are one phone with me…DON'T CHEW GUM OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!! #
  • I love standing in the rain, in the dark waiting for the train. #
  • Cool video RT Cute youtube video from Google about Search.. we have a whole collection of these /via @ericschmidt #
  • Going to work early today, 4:30am does come fast. Good thing I can sleep on the train. #
  • Chili Cheese Fries from The Hat for dinner. #
  • I thought this was a girls bag. #
  • I thought it was illegal for men (even gay men) to wear Ugg Boots. #
  • New Spoon album out today! Check it out…$3.99 on Amazon MP3 Store. I paid 9.99 so want to get the word out. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Yay! One more day than a 3 day weekend! At least I will have a day off this weekend. Can't wait for Monday! #
  • ? Cellphone's Dead – Beck #
  • Signal issues at Union Station, Metrolink is late. This is going to be a busy train ride home. #
  • Holy…it smells like crap on the train. Either someone took a huge one or the bathroom has issues. I am not even sitting near it. #
  • This all sucks for Conen…I like him better than Jay any day. Hopefully it works for him to stay @ NBC. #
  • Of course…and with Fox. #
  • Moving day today…moved from the 6th Flr to the 7th Flr @ work. #
  • My dad went to Indiana for work this week, when he landed he said it was 20 degrees. Good luck to him. #
  • The train seems busier this year, I used to be able to find at least 4 open seats now I am lucky if there is 1. I have to sit somewhere else #

Gizmo5 and Google Voice

I just setup my Gizmo5 account with a Linksys ATA I got off ebay (I am late to the party, did not know I could have had free calls for years).  But I got it for 1 reason only not to use it to call out but to use it with Google Voice.  I use my Google Voice # for my second job as a Tech Support Rep for a hosting company and I work out of the house on the weekends and the phones have been forwarded to my Google Voice # then to my cell phone.  The problem with that is ATT sucks in my house, it sucks so bad the neighbors got rid of ATT when they moved in.  It is weird since the landline service is ATT so you think they would try and get good signal for cell service in the same area.  No because ATT cell service is so bad in my area I have Google Voice forwarding to my Gizmo5 account that is going through my Linksys ATA to my cordless analog phone.  So good by crappy ATT cell service for incoming calls.  Now for outgoing I can use this but it will cost $0.010 to landlines and mobile phones in US and Canada.  We shall see how well it goes.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • So I saw Star Trek today…not bad it was a good movie. Thoughts out there for those that have seen it? #
  • Heading to the Fullerton Police to get my fix it ticket signed off. Fun times! #
  • Anyone looking for a room to rent? I have a friend that needs help renting out a room. $600 a mth util paid If you know anyone let me know. #
  • I am tired tonight… #
  • Very cool… #

  • The guy sitting next to me on the train is rocking back & forth. Should I be worried? #
  • I guess if u don't use your parking pass each month they remove your access. So i would have to park 3 blks down the street if I drive. #
  • Back to work. #