Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Yay! One more day than a 3 day weekend! At least I will have a day off this weekend. Can't wait for Monday! #
  • ? Cellphone's Dead – Beck #
  • Signal issues at Union Station, Metrolink is late. This is going to be a busy train ride home. #
  • Holy…it smells like crap on the train. Either someone took a huge one or the bathroom has issues. I am not even sitting near it. #
  • This all sucks for Conen…I like him better than Jay any day. Hopefully it works for him to stay @ NBC. #
  • Of course…and with Fox. #
  • Moving day today…moved from the 6th Flr to the 7th Flr @ work. #
  • My dad went to Indiana for work this week, when he landed he said it was 20 degrees. Good luck to him. #
  • The train seems busier this year, I used to be able to find at least 4 open seats now I am lucky if there is 1. I have to sit somewhere else #

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