Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • Power back…game on. #
  • I just get home, turn on the Xbox 360 to play video games & what do you know…what for it…the power goes out. Crap!! #
  • We you are one phone with me…DON'T CHEW GUM OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!! #
  • I love standing in the rain, in the dark waiting for the train. #
  • Cool video RT Cute youtube video from Google about Search.. we have a whole collection of these /via @ericschmidt #
  • Going to work early today, 4:30am does come fast. Good thing I can sleep on the train. #
  • Chili Cheese Fries from The Hat for dinner. #
  • I thought this was a girls bag. #
  • I thought it was illegal for men (even gay men) to wear Ugg Boots. #
  • New Spoon album out today! Check it out…$3.99 on Amazon MP3 Store. I paid 9.99 so want to get the word out. #

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