Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Started back up @ the gym. Day 1 #
  • Wonder how well the iPad will handle Voip calls with my WiFi. @dreamhost #
  • After a few hrs of work I got my Macbook drove upgraded with my cloned mac @ bootcamp drives. #
  • Just finishing cloning my Mac drive & bootcamp drive now after booting into Windows 7 it is running a chkdsk, this is going to take a while. #
  • Don't think I would have called it iPad I would have liked iSlate. #
  • I am not a fashion forward kind of guy, so is it okay to wear a black suit with brown shoes? #
  • For MacBook not Desktop PC #
  • Got a new 250gb hard drive @ Frys. Would get a larger one but want to spend $50 or less. #
  • Yay! New Apples in stereo on April 20th. Can not wait. #
  • Look what Michelle got me for my birthday. #
  • Had a great dinner at Outback, 9oz special…. #

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