Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • Not sure why I did not know about this site. #
  • Very interesting…I might have to look into this. Might setup a webcam in my house. #
  • Oh this is going to be a crappy ride to LA, good thing it is only 40 mins. #
  • If I had an iPad I might read a book on the train while listen to music. @dreamhost #
  • Everyone on the early train lines up to get on the train but they use their bag as a place holder so they can sit on the bench, very weird. #
  • Just woke up from my 20 min map on train. Fullerton next stop. #
  • I just don't want to get rid of my iPhone but ATT is so bad it is starting to kill me. #
  • Is it me or is Gmail not that great today? Or is it ATT and their crappy service. I am so close to canceling my account with ATT. #
  • It is hot in my cubicle today. They have the stupid heat on. I need a fan at my desk. When I go out in the hall it is nice #
  • Not sure who thought of this but it is genius! Snooki interviews Phoenix and more. #
  • Going to lunch now it would be very nice to travel with an new iPad. @dreamhost #
  • Man The Cars were a great band! #
  • Kind of looks like the umpa lumpa guy from Charlie & the Choc Factory w/ Johnny Depp. #
  • Great Brea PD just rolled by @ slowed down after they passed me..waiting for them to turn around & ask me why I am sitting in a car outside. #
  • Sitting out front of Michelle's parents house waiting for everyone. #
  • What the F, the train is busy going home tonight. #
  • Chris & Pitts for dinner tonight. Sweet! #
  • Just realized I can't spell in my updates. I was not tracking the Amtrak I was taking the Amtrak. Oh well no one said I was smart. #
  • Tracking the Amtrak today, much more comfortable then Metrolink. I should take this everyday. @dreamhost #
  • Using an iPad as a support tool to troubleshoot client computers. Interesting thought. @dreamhost #

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