Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-15

  • Going to get my taxes done…so fun. #
  • on the train using my MacBook while connected to Windows Server 2003 via RDP #
  • Updating vBulletin to v4 while tethered to my iPhone, while listening to new Alice in Chains (cont) #
  • Opening ceremonies tonight of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Would have been nice if NBC would step up & broadcast the live online. @dreamhost #
  • Frisbee inventor dies at 90
    Love Frisbee's glad it was invented. #
  • Friday is here…week went by slow. 3 day weekend soon! #
  • Started working on a KB for Helpdesk today. Good thing the ticket system is not user friendly at all, makes the job more frustrating. #
  • Google announced they'll build fiber networks in select cities. Fullerton residents, join me in nominating our city here: #
  • It is hot as shit in here @ the office. Who the heck is in charge of this heat! If you are cold put on a jacket not piss the rest of us off. #
  • After seeing The Who @ SB, I am revisiting their albums Tommy is one of the greats up there with Pet Sounds & Sgt Peppers. Life changing! #
  • Almost missed my stop…fell asleep on the train ride home. #
  • What's the deal with Google Buzz. I use Google Apps so I never get all the cool stuff built in. #
  • The Thermals love Canada! #
  • Burn Notice is a great show! @dreamhost #
  • White pants…hmm…you know what that means… #
  • Sophie eating the grass on our nightly walk. #
  • I am now lighter & more aerodynamic. #
  • Need to catch up on the last 2 episodes of Burn Notice, thanks #
  • Cold outside today. The guy standing next to me on the train platform was so antsy. Rocking back & forth & looking back @ the clock. #

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