Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • Pre-Orders to begin on 2-25-10 for iPads? @dreamhost #
  • Made the coffee a little strong, Michelle might not like it. @dreamhost #
  • Houston we have a problem. #
  • The work day is almost over. Oh ya & my monitor died on my backup computer at work. @dreamhost #
  • Waiting for the train feeling like crap, being sick & having to go to work sucks. #
  • How do you think the album artwork would scale when viewed on the iPad? Do I need to import larger image files in my aac files? @dreamhost #
  • Books now cost more because of the iPad but if I win one that is okay by me. @dreamhost #
  • I had the worst sleep last night, toss & turning all night. #
  • Just had a great dinner @ Claim Jumper. BBQ Burger & Steak Fries. #

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