Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • Is it to early to have a drink? Also can I make a Long Island Ice Tea with Lime Juice if I am out of Lemon Juice. #
  • Watched Zombieland last night good funny movie. @dreamhost #
  • My new lock screen, thanks @ifixit. #
  • Hi Twitter @support I would to take over @seandavidson account. They have not logged in the last 9 months, can you help me out? #
  • Had to run to make the train…Damn co worker having a baby and making me stay later. By the way Congrats Anthony on your new baby girl. #
  • Time for some Oasis "Definitely Maybe" @dreamhost #
  • How many times do I have to day this..stay to the right if you are not going to walk up the esclator. It will make my life much more happier #
  • Just eat 2 pieces of Choc Cake, guess I need to go to the gym tonight. #
  • Arrived at work…let the madness begin. The band not crazyness. @dreamhost #
  • By the way I was joking about Figure Skating. #
  • How I love Figure Skating… #
  • RT The Apples in stereo – “Dance Floor” /via @applesinstereo – Kick ass new song from ur fav indie rock band. #
  • RT If you appreciate great web design as much as we do, you might love this: #officeformac #
  • Traffic on Harbor Blvd in DT Fullerton is crappy today. #
  • Listening to one of the best power pop bands ever! Jellyfish #
  • Missed a spot shaving today, I need to slow down getting ready in the morning. I wake up late so that might have played a factor. @dreamhost #

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