Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-08

  • Sophie would like an iPad. @dreamhost #
  • The new Apples in stereo album is f'ing awesome! Steam it online here – #
  • She is afraid of koodies. #
  • Qik – Bored @ Work by Sean Davidson #
  • Today work is very slow nothing going on. #
  • Spoon on Letterman – #
  • I have decided to use Google docs going forward, would remove Office 2007 from my computers, not sure how Michelle will handle the trans. #
  • iPad to be released April 3rd. @dreamhost #
  • Since I did not win a Macbook Pro I really could use a iPad. @dreamhost #
  • Darn I did not win a Macbook Pro from @officeformac #
  • Almost got T-Boned by Fullerton PD car as I was turning left onto Harbor from Chapman. He ran a red without his siren's on. Close one. #
  • Time for bed now. #
  • Went to gym today, man I am out of shape. #
  • For those that are playing along @ home I am listening to Men At Work. #
  • Dr. Heckyll & Mr Jive #
  • High Wire #
  • Upstairs In My House #
  • It's A Mistake #
  • Down Under #
  • Who Can It Be Now? #
  • The big guy in front of me on the train is wait for it…

    picking his nose in public. #

  • Damn the train is busy today….again running late due to co worker having a baby. That 5 mins I leave early really do make a difference. #
  • Just had a V8 V-Fusion, but does the fat free pudding cancel it out? @dreamhost #
  • There is a lady on the subway yelling & swearing @ an invisible person. She is shaking & her face is bright red. Must get off now! #
  • I think the Amtrak is late today #

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