Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-15

  • Took Sophie to the dog park & I got pee'd on by a dog named Snoopy. Fun times! #
  • Pre-orders for the iPad started today…looks like they might sell a whole load of these things. @dreamhost #
  • Went to the gym, then @claimjumper & had the widow maker burger for the first time. Split it with Michelle. I guess back to the gym. #
  • The calls really just drop off after 5pm, makes the last 1hr really boring. Wish I had an iPad to read a book with. @dreamhost #
  • Forgot my lunch on @metrolinkoc train 607 today. Hopefully the conductor finds my blue lunch bag under my seat so I can grab it tomorrow. #
  • Installing Rosetta Stone I got from a friend. Trying to learn Spanish. Also had no idea the program was so expensive. #
  • Out getting fresh air & it is a little chilly out here. #
  • Standing room only on Metrolink…pass…waiting for Amtrak. @dreamhost #
  • Never noticed how many people have roller bags going to work. #
  • Hate when I have to park 1/2 mile away from the train station. City of Fullerton get better parking for the train station. @dreamhost #
  • Funny, listening to ppl in break room speaking Chinese than out of the blue 1 English word then back to Chinese. @dreamhost #
  • Train is super busy today!! #

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