Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-22

  • T-minus 1hr until Chris' wedding. Rocking the penguin suit. Pic later tonight. #
  • Well at least the spam bots on twitter that follow me are adding up. @dreamhost #
  • Picked up tux, ready to go. Chris you can still run far away. j/k #
  • Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 on my Macbook via Fusion 3. Why not I have time tonight. #
  • One thing it was not my dad that drove the cart into the lake. #
  • Just found out my dads iPhone just took a dip in the Lake. Hope it drys out. Golf cart landed in the lake. @dreamhost #
  • Nexus One coming to Sprint, now all US carriers will have it. Anyone have one, should I move from iPhone? @dreamhost #
  • Haircut done…ready for Chris' wedding #
  • The new @applesinstereo album is a great workout album. Guys thanks for the new tunes. #
  • Finally made it to the gym today, so tired when I woke up I needed rest first. #
  • Burger, Mac & Cheese, a double Gin & Tonic for dinner. #
  • Bored & very sleepy now on the train, listening Spoon. #
  • Crap forgot my headphones @ the office! #
  • Apple sets a battery replacement program for iPads. What is everyones thoughts on this? @ dreamhost #

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