Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-29

  • Today has been so long…working on sat blows, but need to pay the bills. @dreamhost #
  • Listening to Peace by Anything Box now…great electronic pop record circa 1990. #
  • Hanging w/ Sophie (@ Fullerton Dog Park) #
  • My Xbox Arcade system, Does not have a HD but soon I can use my 4gb USB drive laying around @dreamhost #
  • LA Sherriff out on Vermont & Wilshire giving out jaywalking tickets. (@ Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) #
  • This is lame, I guess it is ok for me to be scanned but not ok to scan a co-worker. If she is embarrassed how do I feel. #
  • NFL owners approve overtime rule change I think this is a good change. #
  • I'm at Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line (3191 Wilshire Blvd, btw Vermont & Wilshire, Los Angeles) #
  • Just missed the 5:59 train, crap! (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • This could be my new phone depending Apple has going for 4.0 & if Sprint pricing for the Everyhing Data Family stays same #
  • I just started listening to in the last few days now they have suspended live brodcasting. Crap! We need to support indie music. #
  • So after some investigation the Dodgers did play the Brewers & Angels today, split squad. So is that new or have then done this in the past? #
  • Why is there a naked man in a billboard. @katalysthq: Firefighters rescuing a naked man from a billboard #
  • Why does my iPhone MLB app show the Dodgers playing the Brewers when they are supposed to be playing the Angels. #
  • Well it is a good morning, I think I will take the Amtrak. Chris good luck in Maui…had a great time last night. @dreamhost #

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