Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-19

  • Playing Flight Control via WiFi on 2 iPhones is very cool. #
  • Watching tons of "Will It Blend" videos. #
  • Hanging in backyard working, eating lunch, & hanging with Sophie. #
  • I just noticed my visual voicemail is not working on my iPhone. What the heck. Need to figure this out had 6 voicemails. #
  • But was not able to go to Coachella, maybe next year. They have some good acts out there this year. #
  • Got alot done today, fixed small hole in the wall, got my car window fixed, cleaned backyard, fixed doorbell, fix office door, now working. #
  • Going to work, hope my car is okay today. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Damn, they took my A+ Cert training book & my cd booklet. Well good thing I have ripped all of them on my computer. #
  • By the way GPS battery was dead & they did not take charger, they did not even unplug it they cut the charger cable. #
  • Great end to my day, someone broke into my car & stole my GPS unit. They smashed the drivers window. #
  • Looks like they are filming something at the end of tracks 9-11 tonight. (@ Union Station w/ 3 others) #
  • I did not win an iPad from @dreamhost, buts congrats to the 20 lucky folks that did. #
  • Well at least up to the 3rd the Angels are in the lead. @dreamhost #
  • Got to train station late, now I am in the back of the line. Better not be standing room only again. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • I hope tomatoes are good for dogs, Sophie just eat some I dropped on the floor when making my salad. #
  • At the gym…getting buff. (@ Brea Community Center) #
  • I just unlocked the "Crunked" badge on @foursquare! #
  • Almost home (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Awsome Metrolink is late today! (@ Union Station) #
  • Heading home! Listening to Semisonic, great band! (@ Metro Red / Purple Line Wilshire / Vermont Station) #
  • One thing that is not clear yet, why is OS 4.0 out for iPhone in summer but for iPad in the fall, anyone have answer? @dreamhost #
  • Exactly. AT&T? Where is my tethering on my iPhone? /via @brigleb Just jailbreak & add it on. By the way it is not that great or fast. #
  • There goes the ad free in your twitter stream if you paid for a Twitter iPhone client. Paid clients out the door? #
  • Wholly s#@t the train is busy today, standing room only. Good thing I found a seat before that old grandma with a cane. #
  • I just became the mayor of Fullerton Metrolink Station on @foursquare! #
  • Back to work today! Oh and my hands are cold. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Having dinner w/ Michelle. (@ Carnitas Mexican Grill) #
  • For those that care (I don't) Opera Mini for iPhone will be out soon. #
  • Some cool new features in Google Docs for those that use them. #
  • Conan back on TV, great to hear. #
  • Who has played Flight Control on the iPad, I hear it is great. @dreamhost #

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