Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-24

  • Hanging out at Mom & Dads house tonight. I think Sophie misses her momma. #
  • Taking Sophie for a walk before I start work again. #
  • Again here we are on a Friday night & it is dead in the office. No calls & no people in sight. Heading home soon. #
  • Went to Google today so I could search for something. Cool custom Google logo. #
  • Having dinner at Michelle's parents house now. Watching The Untouchables. #
  • Back to work! By the way AC/DC rules!! (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Made it home safe…I am super tired today. #
  • So just updated my Twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 3.0). It has a new icon & a different style of retweet, let's see what else. #
  • Mick Jagger on Larry King Live #
  • Hell Ya! (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Stupid train is busy, hate this crap, packed in like… #
  • Time to pee (@ Union Station w/ 3 others) #
  • If you don't like it don't buy it…tired of people bitching and throwing the Not American around. #
  • Well a rainy day it looks like it will be…train to work on days like this…the best. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Made it home. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station w/ 2 others) #
  • Short day today, get to go home early, yay!! (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • Today is starting out to be a great day…Not! (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Well after a looooong work day yesterday we are back at it. #

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