Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-31

  • Got back from walk with Sophie 1.71 mi in 35 mins posted with @runkeeper She is slow wants to smell everything & she was tired when done. #
  • Watching a little Parking Wars on A&E before my 2 mile walk with Sophie. #
  • Are you kidding, this lady is insane – #
  • Listening to "There She Goes" – The La's #nowplaying #
  • Stupid Flash, keeps crashing my browser. @adobe you need to fix this, I now understand why people like Apple are bitching about Flash. #
  • WTF, why is there a crap load of traffic on Harbor in DT Fullerton. #
  • Heading home, long weekend. (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • Again it it 5pm on a Friday & it is dead in the office & I am the only one here. 1 more hr to go. #
  • R.I.P. Gary Coleman, you were a funny and great guy – #
  • Holy crap this is cool, now we need a company to put money behind this. If i could have a hoverboard that would be awsome #
  • This sounds cool, but we will have to see. Google TV and Apple TV war is on. #
  • Lots of parking today, think the train will be dead. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Nice, Eddie Money Free Concert in the Park in Brea. Plus Pat Benatar & The Pointer Sisters. This will be music, fun filled summer. #
  • Made it safe & sound. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • For those asking the "Brian Wilson presents Smile" is the best FINISHED mix out there. But the Purple Chick Mix is great for all The BB fans #
  • Listening to "Purple Chick presents: The Beach Boys Smile – a reconstruction" best Smile mix pieced together as much original '67 recordings #
  • Hell ya heading home! (@ Union Station w/ 7 others) #
  • I have to agree on this one, Chrome is great when using Windows. Use it all the time. Don't really like it on my Mac. #
  • Heading to K-Town. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Tried to get up an hour earlier today & 4:30 & go for a jog no dice. I even got up 10 mins later than normal. Well I will try again tomorrow #
  • Back in LA after a 3 day weekend. Work here I come, you can hide from me. (@ Union Station w/ 2 others) #
  • Sophie & I went for a walk & tracked it with @runkeeper. Only have 2 walks this month but starting 1 each day before work. #
  • Breakfast is served #
  • Making breakfast…bacon, eggs, hashbrowns. Sophie is loving it. #

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