Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

  • Finshing up my shift on the Web Hosting Tech Support front. 20 mins left, currently transfering a client to a new dedicated server. #
  • Funny Stuff, Pupppets love FaceTime also. #
  • Had my first FaceTime call with my brother. Pretty cool technology. #
  • The time has come again, it is Friday and I am the only one in the office. It is very quiet right now. #
  • Why are people in Florida so F'd up? #
  • Gizmodo really is not happy with Apple, most articles on the new iPhone are negative. Wonder if this is because they were raided? #
  • Here is a link for those that want to try out FaceTime on iPhone 4 if you don't know anyone that has one. #
  • Train accident today trains behind today #
  • Will not get my iPhone until Thurday but this guy has his now. #
  • Back to work #
  • My first post from a pink razr #
  • I am iPhone-less for the next few days until I get my new phone. Sad. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-21

  • Sitting outside working listening to a little music. Need speakers or something out here. Maybe speaker rocks, those would look cool. #
  • Heading to work, waiting for the train. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Heading home after Crystal Reports training. (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • Just finished setting up Michelle's new phone. Got her a Samsung Magnet for her bday. It is like a training smartphone. #
  • Not only was @MetrolinkOC late leaving Union Station. Now we are stopped between Norwalk & Buena Park for the last 10 mins. Let's go already #
  • Either Apple's site is having issues or it is ATT. I believe ATT since you can pre-order a new iPhone on a new plan but not existing one. #
  • Let's start the week out great everyone! (@ Union Station w/ 3 others) #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-14

  • Close game today. #
  • Time for some baseball! #
  • For those asking. Bean Sandwich, baked beans on french bread with bacon & cheese on top. #
  • Making dinner, open face bean sandwiches. So good. Also watching Wall-E. Never saw this movie in theatre. #
  • Why not (@ FedEx Office Print & Ship Center) #
  • Love this song – #
  • It is that time again, Friday and everyone has gone home except for me. Time to run up and down the halls like that Home Alone Kid! #
  • I am watching the WWDC Keynote – I don't get guitar hero for the iPhone. #
  • Why is this line taking sooooo loooooong! (@ Stater Brothers) #
  • Heading home, long day today. (@ Union Station w/ 4 others) #
  • Happy Hour @ Casa de Bittner! #
  • Time to get my dry cleaning. (@ Gateway Cleaners) #
  • Just saw Iron Man 2…I think we will see an Iron Man 3. (@ Edwards Brea Stadium East 12) #
  • Well this makes sense why ATT changed their Smartphone plans from unlimited to 2GB. Again ATT you suck! #
  • iMovie for iPhone, interesting idea. #
  • Time to wake up & have coffee. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-07

  • Had to reload my desktop today and somehow my sync of my iPhone went wrong. Lost all my paid and free apps. Now I have to go download again #
  • I have been to stressed in the past few months it is now hitting me, I am getting back pains. Need to chill & just rest It has been go go go #
  • Damn you McDonalds & your ice cream machine breaking down right when I want one. #
  • Damn you McDonalds & you crappy free wifi that never works! #
  • Need some free wifi to fix my phone (@ McDonalds) #
  • Broke my tethering because I was stupid & upgraded to 3.1.3. Have my jailbreak back but can't get iPhone tethering to work. #
  • Interesting article found today on cnet – #
  • Win a Sprint Evo from Phandroid. Maybe I will win. Need 1 so I can test Android Apps #phandroidEVO #
  • Heading back to the grid. Good thing I have time to work on my iPhone app. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Made my first iPhone app pretty cheesy but I am learning. #
  • Finally going home, today took forever to finish! (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • Not feeling it today, just blah. #
  • I don't think I can downgrade my iPhone plan to ATT's new crappy plans. #
  • So good…cheesecake for breakfast. #
  • These past few days I have been very lazy, no gym can't wake early to go for morning walk or jog. Need someone to kick me in the ass to move #
  • Having a great chicken & steak dinner. (@ Clearman's Northwoods Inn) #

AT&Ts new data plans

So we will have to see how these new AT&T data plans change people’s view to the new iPhone 4.0 OS that will be announced on Monday. During the iPad announcement they talked briefly about it and how multitasking was coming and had the Pandora Music guys on stage. With these new plans you will not be able to stream Pandora all day in the background without eating up all your 200MB or 2GB of data. If your plan is to do that make sure to stay on the unlimited plan as long as possible, but I am sure they will force us to move to one of the new plans sooner or later and at that point I will be jumping ship even though I love the iPhone. In the last 2 months I have averaged out about 2gb of data that is from streaming (Pandora, and downloading large files (PDANet) so if I switched my bill would be going up and I don’t want that to happen. Sure I might be a heavy user compared to others but I don’t think AT&Ts numbers add up, 98% of the users are fine. I will have to check with my parents and brother and see where they are in their data as they did not jailbreak their phones and I don’t think they stream music like me.

Oh well, I can say that AT&T you suck.