So we will have to see how these new AT&T data plans change people’s view to the new iPhone 4.0 OS that will be announced on Monday. During the iPad announcement they talked briefly about it and how multitasking was coming and had the Pandora Music guys on stage. With these new plans you will not be able to stream Pandora all day in the background without eating up all your 200MB or 2GB of data. If your plan is to do that make sure to stay on the unlimited plan as long as possible, but I am sure they will force us to move to one of the new plans sooner or later and at that point I will be jumping ship even though I love the iPhone. In the last 2 months I have averaged out about 2gb of data that is from streaming (Pandora, and downloading large files (PDANet) so if I switched my bill would be going up and I don’t want that to happen. Sure I might be a heavy user compared to others but I don’t think AT&Ts numbers add up, 98% of the users are fine. I will have to check with my parents and brother and see where they are in their data as they did not jailbreak their phones and I don’t think they stream music like me.

Oh well, I can say that AT&T you suck.

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